How To Make a Simple Clay Pot Painting?


How To Make a Clay Pot Painting?


Step 1

Smooth the Pot
Make positive the clay pot is smooth and easy. Sand off any tough spots and wipe clean.

Seal Pot
If you are going to paint the outer part of the pot, the paint will seal it, so you simplest need to apply sealer on the inner. If you don’t want to then, you have to use sealer on both the inside and outside part of the pot. Brush sealer on first and allow it to dry.

Apply the white acrylic paint color on both inner and outer side of the pot. Because clay color is brown so making it white will make you easy to chose the outside colors,because any color we can apply on white.
Paint the outside of the pot with acrylic paint. Even in case you do

not want to color the whole outdoor, you may want to color simply the rim. If you need to attain a “colour wash” appearance, you could both thin the paint (craft stores carry products for this purpose) or practice the paint after which gently wipe a number of it off with a paper towel at the same time as it’s nevertheless wet. Allow the paint to dry.

If you don’t want to paint the pot with colors you can simply put the pieces of newspaper on it to make it more attractive. Cut out the Photos
Cut out flower and foliage images from seed packets and plant catalogs. Look for pix with unique shapes and lines. Play around with distinct methods of reducing them out; squares and rectangles may be boring so strive angles, circles, or cut across the leaves and flower heads. Even thin strips paintings.

Piece Photos Together
Begin piecing the pictures collectively and overlapping them right into a kind of “quilt” on the pot, from the lowest as much as the base of the rim. Extending the cutouts up and over the rim can be tough, so I favor to depart the rim as is. If your pot doesn’t have a rim, move proper to the top. Spread paste at the underneath aspect of a cutout, then set it in area. You do not want to attend until the paste dries to overlap different cutouts over top. When the pot is protected, brush paste or Modge Podge over the whole pieced floor. It will dry clean.

Seal if Needed
Once the surface is dry, if you need to add a little trace of the base coloration, you could brush acrylic paint over all or quantities of it and wipe without delay with a paper towel. Let dry. Brush a coat of sealer over the outside of the pot, consisting of the bottom. This might not be essential in case you use Modge-Podge, which has sealing competencies, but it is an added layer of protection, specially if the pot can be positioned outdoor.

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