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Simple quilling flowers

Quilling  is an art form which uses strips of paper which might be rolled, fashioned, and glued together to create ornamental designs. The paper strip is rolled, looped, curled, twisted and manipulated to create different shapes which make up designs to enhance greetings cards, pics, bins, eggs, and to make models, rings, mobiles covers, photo frames, diya holder, ear rings, and many more. Quilling is an art of rolling a strip of paper right into a coil and we can give any shape to that rolled coil the coil then glued it together. There are superior techniques and one of a kind sized paper that are used to create 3-D miniatures, summary art, and quilled flora amongst many things.

Actually, this is a very simple art as compared to other crafts, and there are many  resources available today so that it can be learned by everyone. Basic quilling techniques can be learn from anywhere as there is lots of videos available online to learn this art. This is a very great craft ideas for kids also, we can engage the kids in these activities. They can make simple things by using quilling strips and tools.

There is simple quilling tools available to give shape to the strips.

Slotted Tool

Slotted Tool – Slotted tool is the basic and most important quilling tool because it is used to curl the coil more easier and faster. This tool is recommended to younger children to twist the strip. Using this tool is easier than using the hand or toothpick to roll the strip. This is very necessary tool for quilling. It is very simple to use, just place the any end of strip in the needle and rool the tool.

Tweezer quilling tool

Tweezers – Generally tweezers are used to handle very delicate coils just to prevent prevent warping and unraveling. It is also use to insert paper in blank or tight spaces.

Crimper tool in quilling

Crimper Tool – Crimping in quilling is a fun! Crimper tool is used to make crimped quilling strips. It helps to create creative and different patterns. It looks nice. Its very simple to use, just put the quilling strip in between the wheels and move the handle the strip get crimped.

Quilling is a very different and nice paper art. Simple to learn and fun in making some creatives. It needs patience to learn and make creatives. By using this techniques we can make photo frames, jewellery, Fridge magnets, Greeting cards, key chains, post cards and much more things. I have posted some sample photos here.

Quilling Sample Pictures

Quilling KeychainsQuilling Photo Frame

Quilling JewelleryQuilling Jewllery set




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